Kelly Behun, a New York goddess-class interior designer, can be described as \"pure white elegance.\" She is good at interpreting large-scale space in white, and has a bold and unique taste in furniture and art design, which makes the people living in the house feel pleasing to the eye.


Kelly Behun personally designed the 420-m2 penthouse in New York's Central Park, her 10-year-old home, to incorporate different styles of art and custom-made furniture into it, creating a light and elegant space.


She painted everything -- the floor, the ceiling, the floor-window frame -- white, with soft carpets, sofas, to create a sense of drift on top of the cloud, breathing in the hustle and bustle of urban life.


The living room is lined with a pair of white L-shaped long sofas, valued at $10,000, customised in collaboration with legendary furniture designer Vladimir Kagan, whose work always combines comfort with modernity and has been commissioned by famous architects such as Zaha Hadid.


The sofas are positioned in opposite directions, with only four clear acrylic panels under the wide cushions, and a snow-white goat-skin square blanket (about $20,000) that encloses a square area, giving the room a wide view thanks to its ultra-high floor height and panoramic windows.


Another highlight of the living room is the first chandelier ($35,000) created by artist Tord Bontje, which hangs from above the sofa, and the night is especially beautiful, as if lighting up the night sky throughout New York.


As it happens, tord boontje was first seen by kelly in new york when she first created the lamp, and the chandelier has become popular all over the world.


Just bought back, Kelly felt the lamp fresh and energetic, when she looked over and over again, and felt as if the ordinary point, so Lingguang a flash, with cheap hanging rope and white yarn to wrap the whole lamp, winding.


On top of that, the space is filled with a natural artistic atmosphere - art painting from a wall designed by Kara Hamilton, made from a cloud photograph taken by an artist by the window, printed on a wall cloth.


A few days later he came to paint lines on the canvas with his own pencil and made a few metal leaves as embellishments, so the creation of the work was entirely accidental and improvised.


Rob Wynne's glass artwork,\" anythingisbeautifulifyousayitis \", is attached to the wall connecting the windows. When light shines on the glass letters, it takes on a rich layer of reflection and gives different meanings to the text.


Rob Wynne's art, interwoven with allegory phrases he cites from literature, television and dialogue, embodies a surreal nostalgic image, with numerous exhibitions and collections of his work in almost every famous art museum.


In fully open penthouses, space is linked in a natural way through the \"white\" of different textures in each living area. Art is the best medium for guiding the eye.


For example, the rich design and color of a wall-mounted geometric object hanging from a home studio may be more like the magical tension that blooms in a minimalist background than a common abstract design.


Kelly is used to going to museums and art galleries, inspired by what she sees and feels about art, and even by the fact that many furniture designs are inspired by artists.


It was also Kelly's idea to have a pink armchair with four chubby chair legs turned inward at the corner, creating an asymmetrical drama.


Kelly's kitchen is similarly white, with the arc bar forming a functional partition; a Helen Gifford-inspired chandelier hangs above the round table.


Kelly bought the picture of Elvis in Miami many years ago, and she and her husband felt compelled to hang it in the children's room, so they had this dynamic back wall below.


As Kelly himself put it:\" Fundamentally, art is extremely personal.\" But when you weave it into the interior of space, it does make it look more like your own home. She always chooses a unique interior for each owner to convey the personality of the owner.


The house is Kelly Behun's holiday home for her family in Southampton, New York, with its simplicity facade in her usual pure style, but the interior consists of a variety of sophisticated designer high-order works.


The alcove table was designed by Kelly with an ebony table with a hand-cut ceramic base, a beige Holly Hunt sofa made of linen, the most eye-catching blue-and-black wicker stool from IKEA (IKEA)($69), and a blue chair made by Christian Astugueville, which is truly full of mid-sea fake winds.


A white stone bath in the bathroom is linked to a lounge countertop, a Buddha statue adds a bit of Zen to the room, while Bankowsky's woolly low stool highlights the luxury.


The fun and daring layout of the fun room is full of carpets, soft material stacked into climbing pillars, blue, yellow and green impact elements to create a lively atmosphere.


The house is in the United States, and KellyBehun has built this Zen-filled personality mansion with her unique furniture design and alternative vision of picking out antique art.


Kelly added a unique white chandelier to the top of the study, called \"Shape Up,\" by Ladies Gentleman Studio in Brooklyn, in contrast to a blue sofa by Vladimir Kagan.


Outdoor art is used to create a lively atmosphere of entertainment, most interestingly a landscaped work by Brooklyn artist Chiaozza - an oversized stainless steel pool like a zip on a lawn.


She designed the $40 million (about 100 million yuan) south-facing penthouse with a simple two-way sofa that changed the room's movement and created a relaxed atmosphere that matched the design theme.


Watching Kelly Behun's interior design works is like tasting a cocktail and experiencing the ingenious fusion of art and architecture in different forms. This is the interior effect she created for the 15 Hudson Yards penthouse.

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