Beijing, january 10, people's net beijing,\" ticket sales 1 second refresh, departure to the city 15 seconds refresh, the national ticket sales situation at a glance.\" On January 10, the 2020 Spring Festival Movement officially kicked off. In the morning, the reporter entered the China Railway Science Research Institute, witnessed the railway monitoring system -12306 full-passenger ticket system monitoring center to the outside world for the first time to uncover the mystery, and then to Beijing South Station to experience the convenient way to travel the Spring Festival.


\"Hot spots, hot directions, rush hour train ticket source is tight, but some trains have the remaining tickets.\" Shan Xinghua, chief researcher at the Institute of Iron Sciences and director of the 12306 technical department, said it was clear from big data that passenger travel had shifted from \"walking well\" to \"walking well \".


On the first day of the Spring Festival, China's railways are expected to send 11.6 million passengers, up% from a year earlier. As of January 9,2020, a total of 100 million tickets had been sold in all channels, of which 100 million had been sold in the Spring Festival, accounting for 32 percent of the total. The highest day occurred on January 3, selling tickets on February 1(the eighth day of the first month), with 16.37 million tickets sold in all channels, of which 14.43 million were sold on the railway 12306 network, accounting for 88% of all channel ticket sales. The system runs smoothly, the ticket sales volume increases more than 10% year-on-year, and the peak day website hits 149.5 billion times, a decrease of more than 30% year-on-year.


Ticketing live, wind control live, line-up live, three real-time updates of the chart area juxtaposed on a giant curved screen, the country's online and offline railway ticket purchase, alternate, ticket sales and departure data to one place, constitute the main part of the road ticket system monitoring center. Yan Zhiyuan, deputy director of the 12306 technical department of the iron institute, told reporters:\" monitoring the large screen can provide real-time feedback on the operation and business status of the system, so that the duty personnel can understand and deal with it in advance, and prevent it in the early stages.\"


The big screen in the middle is 12306 ticket sales live, from the top ticket sales statistics can be seen that January 10 12306 has sold more than 1.5 million tickets. Regarding the channel proportion of ticket sales, yan zhiyuan said:\" internet ticket sales, including mobile phone app, website, has accounted for more than 80% of the total channel ticket sales share, in which the mobile phone client accounts for 80%, the website accounts for about 20%.\" The most popular departure and arrival stations on the left side of the screen, combined with the road map of passenger migration in the middle of the screen, can also be seen that at present, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai are basically the most popular areas for Spring Festival ticket sales.


After introducing the overall ticket sales situation of 12306, Yan Zhiyuan began to introduce the risk control system of 12306: with the development of business, the 12306 system has also been tested a lot, especially some abnormal ticket purchase requests during the Spring Festival ticket purchase period, which has a certain impact on the system. A normal passenger ticket may operate once a second or so, whereas an abnormal user behaves like it can make multiple requests within a millisecond. On the one hand, the use of high-frequency means of access to risk requests can cause abnormal pressure on the system; at the same time, these third-party websites, including third-party ticket snatching software, may disclose the relevant privacy information of passengers. Through risk-interception technology, the site has taken steps against unusual clients including mobile phones and PCs, browsers or IPs.


As you can see from the diagram, the proportion of normal requests and risk requests is basically halfway through 9. Normally in the peak time of ticket sales, the proportion of risk requests is much higher than normal requests. The risk interception system ensures the efficient operation of the 12306 system and ensures the normal order of ticket purchase. The third big screen is the 12306 queue live, mainly reflecting the statistics and trend of the purchase of alternate orders.


\"This year's Spring Festival, the alternate ticket function was further optimized to all trains, with a success rate of more than 70 per cent. At the same time, the waiting time is shortened to six hours before the start of the car, because some of the tickets have been refunded or rescheduled before the departure, and the time is shortened to give passengers more time and opportunities to'pick up'. \"This year's alternate function can also modify the deadline as needed, and automatically embed the submit alternate when the order is submitted without a ticket,\" she said. Single apricot flower explains that sometimes the passenger just sold out when he submitted the purchase order. However, the previous ticket purchase information has been filled in, the automatic embedding function is enabled, passengers do not need to repeat the information.


\"When information on the elderly is identified in the booking form, the system will automatically deploy the lower berth tickets for them. Children's tickets to travel with adults, the system will automatically find adjacent seats. Single said that this year's Spring Festival ticket sales, the launch of the 12306 ticketing system for the elderly to give priority to the placing of tickets for the lower berth, for children to place adjacent seats with peers and other measures.


\"In 2020, the ticket gate of Beijing South Station was fully put into operation during the Spring Festival Movement, and the speed of ticket checking was reduced from 5-10 seconds to three seconds to pass through the ticket gate now,\" said Liang Zhaoyu of Beijing South Station of China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd.


Reporters saw, in Beijing South Station subway floor and upstairs waiting hall, self-service ticket vending machine everywhere. Mr Leung told reporters,\" If passengers need to print a ride note, they can operate on this machine. As before, the ID card will be placed in the card reading area, information read, by screen operation can print out the ticket information bar. Information cannot be used as a ticket, only provide passenger information on the same day. Passengers who need reimbursement vouchers can also print out a blue ticket pattern on the self-help machine, but only for reimbursement, not as a ticket voucher.


"During the Spring Festival, in order to meet the demand of passengers to enter the station quickly and ensure that the large passenger flow is more convenient and unimpeded, the South Station further adjusted the fast entry time, the opening time in the morning from 8:00 to 7:00, the evening closing time from 18:00 to 19, and every Friday from Beijing and Tianjin Express to 21:00," said Liang Zhaoyu. And the fast entry hall is only for passengers within 30 minutes of driving, reducing the arrival time. “


In 2020, the beijing south station is expected to send ten thousand passengers, a year-on-year increase of%. The peak passenger day is expected to be January 22, with a daily average of 180,000 passengers.


It is understood that local railway departments have launched a number of corresponding service initiatives. Hohhot Group Company launched a series of national characteristics of service measures. Xi'an Bureau Group Company Xi'an North Station with Beijing West Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station and other 13 high-speed railway stations to establish a \"service alliance\" to provide key passenger relay services. Jinan Bureau Group Company Weifang North Station United Express Company launched \"easy to send\" express service, convenient for passengers to mail limited items. Nanning Bureau Group opened Guangxi Fuchuan high-speed rail no-track station for more than 300,000 Yao people to solve the \"last kilometer\" travel. (Wen Luyang)

推荐阅读  疾病是人生难以避免的风险,健康是人民普遍的诉求,医疗保障则是化解疾病风险、促进人民健康的基本制度安排。医疗保障关乎近14亿中国人民切身利益,在全面建成小康社会的时代背景下,构建高质量的中国特色医疗保障制度,已成为一项紧迫且艰巨的任务。

Recommended reading disease is the inevitable risk of life, health is the general appeal of the people, medical security is to resolve the risk of disease, promote people's health basic institutional arrangements. Medical security concerns the immediate interests of nearly 1.4 billion Chinese people, and it has become an urgent and arduous task to build a high-quality medical security system with Chinese characteristics under the background of building a well-off society in an all-round way.


The 2020 Spring Festival Movement will be officially launched on January 10.The railway departments have innovated and enriched nine measures for the convenience of the people and the people, including a comprehensive inspection and renovation of mobile equipment and fixed facilities, the promotion of high-speed rail electronic passenger tickets and subway-approved railway security checks at 13 stations such as Beijing South, and the reduction of passenger entry and transportation links.